29 dezembro, 2008


Dear Heavenly Father Jehovah,

In every circumstances, even when I walk alone in the beach,I feel loved by You.

I lay down and relax.
There are some people around me,
But I'm looking up to the heavens trying to find Your face.

I want to share my dreams with You, talk about my fears, and listen to Your words coming straight away to my heart...
How they comfort me... in spite of all homesickness.

2008 is coming to the end.
As I remember I did last year, I come to the beach once again,
searching for You.
I want You to be my friend...
a close friend...
I need you to RE-MEMBER my Self...

I see a light behind the clouds.
Then I walk toward it.
A bird on my way is playing with the sea's water as a little child.

In my imaginary I wish I'd become myself a child bird!

But I found You in my inner peace...
and suddenly
I'm flying over the sands
in your careful, loving warm arms.

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