17 outubro, 2009

Just a Lamb

I have no choice but to believe in Jehovah, the Lord God Almight.
And I can tell that He is too strong!

I used to live as a lion.
After many years of therapy sessions I used to fell STRONG!

So wrong...

The REALITY came to wake me up!

So I got up - later or soon, who knows? - and saw my face in the mirror.

Broken face...
Broken mirror...

Then I heard a voice:
a calm and sweet voice.
And it started to RE-MEMBER mySELF
in a way that is too amazing for me to say.

Then I went to the river
and saw my image clearer:

I'm just a lamb...
A small, terrified, completly in love and stupid lamb.

I also saw the Shepherd...
I realized that He was there all the time:
Right behind me!